How it works?

Let the system handle the heavylifting for you while you can enroll in an event in a few seconds.
Managing and scheduling them has now become even easier.

Organizing Events

We set the perfect meeting place for all the stakeholders. Organize conferences and other college events through Eventzall.

Register as an organizer to this application once, and create events and manage attendees easily. Login to the application Anytime!! Anywhere!!
Create events, Update events, Preview events and Delete events. We provide an avenue to publish Events to users.
Manage participants for your events. Here you can accept, decline the attendees to your event.
Assign reviewers for conference papers. Papers can be accepted or declined as per reviewer rating.
Communicate with reviewers and users through Eventzall.

Getting Started

Sign Up to Organize your events with Eventzall.

Participate In Events

View all the events in one place. Register to multiple events in a jiffy.

Register as participant or reviewer in multiple events. Login and access Anytime!! Anywhere!!
Register to the events using your basic informations. Submit Papers with single or multiple authors.
Register as a reviewer and provide comments with ease
Get notification of event status through mail and EventzAll application.
Communicate with organizers through EventzAll.


Great features you'll love.

Easy to use

Ease of use for Organizers in Event creation, updation, and assignment of reviewers. Easy registration and paper submission for users.


In-built messaging services for easy communication between organizers and reviewers. Easy for participants to communicate with event organizers.


Get notification when the organizer sends decision about your registration through your mail. Also get notifications about new events.


Finance Management

The Eventzall website provides the facility to make fast and secure online payment.

Retina Ready

Eventzall has high quality views and smooth fonts which makes it easy on your eyes.


On-site functionality

Complete End to End management of events and AI powered chatbots.

Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

What is the core functionality of the application?

Users can organize and participate in events and view numerous events listed for the current year and track his/her older event history.

Can the user view the status of enrollment?

Yes the user can see the status of his/her enrollment after their successful submission.

How to enroll in an event?

A user can choose from the list of events based on the criteria mentioned and can apply to an upcoming event. The user will be notified about the the status of the event. The enrollment would be as simple as filling a form.

Is this a free version or do i have to pay for it?

No it is a totally free version and the end user need not pay for the usage.